Snow Removal Tips for Your Property

Jan 5, 2021

Now that winter’s here, you might be looking out your window right now and calculating the snowfall from last night. Does it look like the predictions were right? Well, whatever it was, chances are you’ll have to remove it. And when you have a Kubota machine and the proper snow removal attachment, you’ll get the job done in no time. There are three types of Kubota attachments available for snow removal:


The first option for snow removal is a plow blade, like Kubota’s TE355 Trip Blade. Moving snow with a blade is a straightforward process, very effective, and easy to accomplish with your Kubota machine. Plus, plow blades let you clear closer to the ground than with a snow blower. Blades are made in a wide range of sizes and styles and come with numerous mounting options. In addition to front-mounted blades, sub-frame and rear-mounted options are also available. Best of all, blades perform a variety of work tasks throughout the seasons.


A snow pusher is essentially a large box that pushes snow. Sounds pretty simple, right? Because it is. Pushers like Kubota’s SSP15 and SSP25 can move a large amount of snow, typically more than a blade, and they don’t leave the “wind rows” that a blade will. Because of their capacity, pushers are great for big, open areas like empty lots. The optional pull back blades in these pushers can help remove snow close to garage doors too. However, pushers are only built for front-mounting, so you lose some of the flexibility of blades.


Many people like a blower for their snow. Snow blowers like the Kubota SBL 25 use an auger to chop up snow and feed it into the impeller, then throw the chopped-up snow up and out the chute.

A blower is not without its limitations. Snow needs to be blown before accumulation gets too heavy. This prevents undue strain on the blower attachment. With a front-mounted blower, other attachments on your equipment like buckets or loaders must be removed prior to attaching blower.

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